Gustav Klimt Paintings

Gustav Klimt was an incredibly elaborate Austrian painter who produced some stylish oil paintings which are amongst the most loved art works to have come from the 20th century and are clear symbols of the beauty found within the expressionist art movement. This website uncovers the qualities behind the paintings of Gustav Klimt and discusses his life in detail. We have included a gallery of his finest paintings which sits throughout this website, with additional information about the master artist dotted in between each oil painting. You can also find Gustav Klimt paintings here.

Artist Gustav Klimt used highly decorative techniques which left interest right across his paintings, with even elements of the background steeped in colour and imagination, making them ideal for those interested in adding art to their own walls, which has become more and more common in the 20th and 21st century as people have more disposable income and also art has become an interest for a far wider part of society than in had previously been. You will see below paintings such as The Kiss and The Tree of Life which are true champions of Expressionism and the originals were huge canvases with colour and interest to be found in each and every corner of the art work.

Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt

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Gustav Klimt ranks as the finest Austrian painter from any art movement and the nearest rival to him would probably be Egon Schiele, who followed closely in his footsteps and had a relatively similar expressionist style, plus the same love of portrait pencil sketches which figured prominently in the careers of both artist. Whilst Egon Schiele was unable to create a large legacy because of his short life, Gustav Klimt had not such problems having established himself as a respected artist very early on in his career and building on that consistently for many years.

The artist built up a list of favoured models throughout his career and these would be seen again and again in different oil paintings and many of his pencil sketch portraits, which would almost always be of young, glamorous women who best suited his elaborate and decorative painting style. Such women could also carry off beautiful outfits as well, which would then offer him even more opportunity to add extra content into his works and successfully combine different colours. The outfits chosen would always need to sit comfortably with the backgrounds which generally were both flowery and would often intertwine with no obvious boundaries.

Gustav Klimt Tree of Life

Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt

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Tree of Life is a great example of all we have mentioned so far on the expressionist style of Gustav Klimt, though without the carefully selected feminine models. Instead, this art work brings in the religiously significant symbol of the Tree of Life which is said to refer to growth and health and as such is a highly positive subject to use. Besides this focal point are two women in relatively abstract form, sitting at either ends of the painting. The Tree of Life features some beautiful flourishes which cover almost the entire canvas and also sets an image of the tree as being bold and momentous.

Gustav Klimt paintings have become amongst the most popular for reproductions from any artist right across the world, with his expressionist style and use of detailed flourishes along with bold gold leaf paint establishing a huge fanbase right across the world. All of the images included within this website have links included alongside them that take you through to the Gustav Klimt prints gallery where you can buy framed and unframed art prints, posters and stretched canvas copies of his original works, with a huge selection available that we have even used ourselves.

Gustav Klimt Water Serpents

Water Serpents by Gustav Klimt

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Water Serpents sets two beautiful models together on another background of exceptional detail and colour which almost takes the attention away from the nude women who lie peacefully within this popular scene. Water Serpents was just one of a series devoted to this topic and this look proved popular with Water Serpents I and II being amongst the most reproduced of Gustav Klimt's paintings, even though at the time the elements of this series were not regarded as the absolute finest paintings from his career. The views of the academics, however, does not always reflect the views of the public and this is another example of that.

Gustav Klimt left a great influence within European art which academics did appreciate at the time, despite the highly contemporary nature of his work. It is really the public that actually drove his career, though, and this success continues even today, some 100 years later with incredibly high prices now attributed to his original paintings whenever they come up for sale within auctions, with all national galleries and museums guaranteed to be interested in adding any of his career paintings to their collections.

Gustav Klimt Adele Bloch Bauer

Adele Bloch Bauer by Gustav Klimt

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Adele Bloch-Bauer was one of Gustav Klimt's prefered models and the best known portrait of her is shown above, with an unbelievable painting on show for you to see. The Adele Bloch-Bauer portrait was recently purchased for an extraordinary price which represents now only it's beauty, and the importance of Klimt's career as an influential artist, but also what it represents to the struggle of Jews against the Nazis. This artwork was stolen by the German government at a time when the race was heavily underthreat and it's restoration to Jewish ownership many years later marks an important moment for many of this religion.

If you are interested in Expressionist art in general then certainly check out fellow Austrian artist Egon Schiele, as mentioned earlier. Other artists who may also interest you includes German Franz Marc. Franz Marc was best known for covering animals such as cows, horses and tigers. Another expressionist artist worth checking out was Russian Wassily Kandinsky who had his own more abstract techniques which derived from heavy theories and it is fair to say that Wassily Kandinsky's compositions are now just as popular as the likes of Franz Marc and Egon Schiele's paintings.

Gustav Klimt Prints

Prints by Gustav Klimt

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Gustav Klimt prints make great additions to your home and are far more affordable than handmade reproductions which would be extremely expensive for those after an exact match of the detail found in the artist's original paintings. Giclee art prints probably offer the most accurate reproduction and are at affordable prices from all of the links included throughout this website. The gallery includes a great selection of different sized prints so that you can find exactly what you need to suit your own home. There are also many choices with regards framing as well that are almost endless.

Gustav Klimt Tannenwald

Tannenwald painting by Gustav Klimt

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Tannenwald is a popular work from Gustav Klimt which at the time was far lesser known within his career as a whole. It features slim trunked trees that can be found in several of his paintings though this painting differs in that Tannenwald has a very unusual colour balance which almost looks a little like an edited photograph because of the tones of aqua which are found on parts of the trees. Whatever the colours, this is very popular and currently rates within Klimt's most reproduced paintings of all.

Gustav Klimt Farm Garden with Sunflowers

Farm Garden with Sunflowers painting by Gustav Klimt

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Farm Garden with Sunflowers is a pretty art work which will attract many fans because of it's charmingly feminine touches with arrangements of flowers sitting naturally right across the painting and leaving almost a pattern of colour that is accessible for all. Gustav Klimt would often decorate his paintings with small patterns of flowers but in this case they are actually the main focal point, rather than simply adding detail around another main subject.

Gustav Klimt Forest of Beech Trees

Forest of Beech Trees painting by Gustav Klimt

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Forest of Beech Trees bears obvious similarities to Tannenwald that is included above. The trees included here are again Beeches but seem somewhat more lifelike because they are closer which enables the artist to add a little more detail. The colours are also slightly different here with oranges and reds taking over from the aqua which dominates within Tannenwald.

Gustav Klimt Tree-Lined Road

Tree-Lined Road painting by Gustav Klimt

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Tree-Lined Road combines a heavy use of greens with purples to capture a stylish road scene with a grand building just slightly exposed at the far end of the painting. The scene suggests the road is a private route up to a prestigious manor house and the artist somehow manages to make the sprawl of trees more impressive than the building itself thanks to the angle of his work plus the flurry of colour which decorates the line of trees which the viewer can imagine will have continued for some way off the edge of the painting.

The Kiss Gustav Klimt

The Kiss Gustav Klimt

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The Kiss combines all of the qualities of Gustav Klimt as an artist and shows off his boldness with contemporary flourishes and a highly romantic setting that has proven to be the most popular of all his paintings, rivalled most closely by Tree of Life and Water Serpents. This topic can be seen many times within art, both as paintings and sculptures. Brancusi for example created his own sculptured version of this iconic painting and there has also been a well known photograph created in Paris that is equally well known. Robert Doisneau created this brilliant photograph which undeniably strong links to the painting of Gustav Klimt.

List of Famous Gustav Klimt Paintings

Gustav Klimt's most famous paintings are listed below, with a further gallery underneath.

A Gallery of Further Gustav Klimt Paintings

Gustav Klimt Apple Tree

Apple Tree painting by Gustav Klimt

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Apple Tree

Gustav Klimt Gardenpath with Hens

Gardenpath with Hens painting by Gustav Klimt

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Gardenpath with Hens

Gustav Klimt Donna con Ventaglio

Donna con Ventaglio painting by Gustav Klimt

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Donna con Ventaglio

Gustav Klimt Mother and Child

Mother and Child painting by Gustav Klimt

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Mother and Child

Gustav Klimt Flower Garden

Flower Garden painting by Gustav Klimt

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Flower Garden

Gustav Klimt Young Woman Portrait

Young Woman portrait painting by Gustav Klimt

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Young Woman Portrait

Gustav Klimt Virgin

Virgin painting by Gustav Klimt

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Gustav Klimt Malcesine sul Garda

Malcesine sul Garda painting by Gustav Klimt

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Malcesine sul Garda

Gustav Klimt Danae

Danae painting by Gustav Klimt

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Gustav Klimt Music

Music painting by Gustav Klimt

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Gustav Klimt Der Kuss

Der Kuss painting by Gustav Klimt

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Der Kuss

Gustav Klimt Church in Unterach on Attersee

Church in Unterach on Attersee painting by Gustav Klimt

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Church in Unterach on Attersee

Gustav Klimt Family

Family painting by Gustav Klimt

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Gustav Klimt Expectation Stoclet Frieze

Expectation Stoclet Frieze painting by Gustav Klimt

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Expectation Stoclet Frieze

Gustav Klimt Three Ages of Woman

Three Ages of Woman painting by Gustav Klimt

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Three Ages of Woman

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